Home Theater for Music Lovers

If you are a typical Magneplanar customer, you listen to music more than watch movies. The trend with many of our customers is to add a center channel and surround speakers for a dual-purpose system. That makes a lot of sense, both for financial and space considerations. The same dollars invested in a dual-purpose system will outperform two separate systems. Everyone in the family "wins" with a high performance dual-purpose system.

"Home Theater Speaker" is a term for speakers which have been designed for extremely wide dynamic range and dispersion characteristics thought to enhance the home theater experience. Reproducing the dynamic range of gun shots and car crashes, etc. has pushed speaker development in directions which does not enhance music reproduction.

The typical high efficiency "home theater" speaker can not compete with an audiophile grade speaker for music reproduction. Detail and resolution are typically sacrificed in the pursuit of extremely high sound pressure levels. But, how many of us actually watch movies at levels that can achieved by "home theater" speakers? There is more to home theater sound than dynamic range. We think you will find that high resolution wins out over high sound pressure levels.