Special Time-Limited 30-Day, Home-Trial Offer

We'll pay you to try these speakers in your home? Check it out. Maggie Dealer-Direct We can offer if you try the Mini Maggie System in your home for 30 days and if it doesn't live up to our claims---we will take it back (no restocking fee and Magnepan guarantees refunds). Call Magnepan for details--1 800 474 1646

We have 2 other Maggie models that are also available on a 30-day home trial basis-- DWM Bass Panel and motorized MMC 2 on-wall speakers.

You don't have an amplifier or DAC for the Mini Maggie System?

The Mini Maggie System is not self-powered. If you don't have an amplifier, Magnepan will provide you with an $800 Wadia 151 DAC/amplifier for your 30-day home trial of the Mini Maggie System. The Audio Beat explains our new offer in more detail.


Is the Wadia 151 good? Mark Winey, the president of Magnepan, has the Wadia 151 on his desk, driving the Mini Maggie System. We'll play it for you if you visit Magnepan.

Put a 3.7 on your desk

You have read the 3.7 reviews, but maybe you do not have the space or the budget for our new 3.7.

Got any room on your desk? Got a VERY small room? How about a miniature 3.7?

Yes, the Mini Maggie System is essentially a 3.7 in miniature. No, it is NOT a "computer speaker". (And it wasn't made in China). The Mini Maggie System is the world's first full-range dipole speaker system that will sit on (and under) your desk. The Mini Maggie ("satellite") is essentially a miniaturized version of the 3.7 midrange and tweeter. The bass panel of the miniaturized 3.7 sits under your desk in the foot-well.





A consumer comments on the Mini Maggie System in a chat room--


For Christmas gift recommendations, Steve Guttenberg said-- "The Mini (Maggie) is, hands down, the best-sounding desktop speaker you can buy." ("Awesome-sounding audio gift ideas", Dec. 17, 2011)

With a suggested USA retail of $1490 for the 3-piece system, we readily agree that it is rather expensive for a "computer speaker". But, if Chris Martens is right and it is "The World's Best Desktop Speaker System", then it is a "steal" to have 3.7 sound on your desk. Before you will believe that, you will need to hear it in an environment for which it was intended--and in your home on a home trial.

The Mini Maggies are like all Magneplanars. They sound best when they have room to "breathe" on your desk. Give them room and you will be richly rewarded for your effort.

Carefully note the desk used by our young model. The short "modesty panel" acts as a baffle to increase bass. If you have prior experience with panel speakers, you know they will not produce bass if the panel is flat against a wall or solid surface. Dipole bass drivers sound best when they have an open space BEHIND the dipole speaker to "breath". The photo below is an ideal scenario. Note that the rear wave of the Bass Panel plays into the room without impediment. And the top of the short front panel ("modesty panel") acts a bass baffle to reduce dipole cancellation and increase deep bass output. (Placing one side edge of the Bass Panel against a barrier accomplishes similar results.) Once you get the Bass Panel and Mini satellites to work together, you'll understand why it is hard to go back to dynamic woofers.

According to our marketing manager, the system below at our Pittsburgh dealer is the best-sounding Mini Maggie System he has heard. There is a pattern we have observed with all the best sounding Mini Maggie Systems. It is similar for all dipoles to get optimum sound--- More than 10 milli-seconds for the first reflections. Bass reinforcement from the boundary provided by the short "modesty" panel that allows the Bass Panel to operate in free space. And a good amplifier (see FAQ).

We want happy customers because referrals and word-of-mouth are our best form of advertising. We are confident if you hear the Mini Maggie System under the right conditions, you'll be impressed.

We are frequently asked if the Mini Maggie System can be used in lieu of one of our larger models. Yes, but we err on the side of caution. There is a good reason why line-source drivers are big. We suggest that you view the Mini Maggie System as a solution to a installation dilemma---especially well-suited for near-field listening in a VERY small room when used with two DWM Bass Panels. But, we don't want unhappy customers if it turns out that your particular installation or room acoustics are not compatible with a Mini Maggie System. "Buyer's remorse" is bad for business.

The link below has superb instructions for those that are considering using the Mini Maggie System as a woofer/satellite system in a small room. We couldn't have done better if we had written it ourselves. So, consider it as our set-up manual.


Contact both your nearest dealer and Magnepan. If the dealer's sales person seems uncertain about the details of this program, be patient. This is a new program. In addition, please call Magnepan. We also want a chance to help explain this program---and we need your feedback.

Restrictions-- This mail-order/home-trial program is an offering by your dealer and supported by Magnepan. Magnepan is simply acting as your dealer's shipping and receiving department. All conditions of the home trial and sale are at the discretion of your Magnepan dealer. Your dealer is incurring certain risks and expenses. Magnepan dealers have the right to decline this offer.

Mini Maggie System
Description 3-Way, True Ribbon/Planar-Magnetic
Freq. Resp. 40 - 40 kHz
Rec Power Read Frequently Asked Questions
Sensitivity 86dB / 500Hz / 2.83v
Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions of Mini Maggie. See DWM webpage for Bass Panel specifications. 14 H x 9.5 W x 1.25 D
Available in cherry, natural or black solid oak trim with off-white, grey or black fabric.