What dealers say about Magnepan

...and why it's important to you.

Magneplanars purchasers have two major areas of concern:

Would you buy a car from a dealer mired in conflict with the auto manufacturer? It makes for a difficult situation all around, and eventually the consumer is adversely affected. Ask your dealer about Magnepan and take note of what dealers nationwide have to say about us and our products.

Once a year, Inside Track publication conducts a confidential survey of dealers, who rank their manufacturers in key areas important to them and, consequently, to the people who buy from them.

In addition to grading key areas, the magazine awards an overall "grade point average."In the January 2011 Dealer Survey results, Magnepan received "Overall Winner" in the "Loudspeakers" category.

Your dealer is enthusiastic about Magneplanars because the speakers are a high performance, American-made product. But, it's more than that. Our dealers like working with us and the feeling is mutual. Ultimately, that's good for you.

The following are Magnepan's rankings among the Top 10 speaker manufacturers' individual categories.