1.7is now available for a 30-day home trial for customers with no Magnepan dealer.


Would you like a pair of 3.7s? But, the "Interior Designer" says "No"?

The motorized MMC 2 on-wall speakers---We have a bold claim to make. You can have the sound of 3.7s with a system that is approved by interior designers. And we have the money to back our claim. If you are serious, we'll fly you to Minnesota to prove it.

For the same price of a pair of 3.7s and a CC 5 center channel, you can have the sound of 3.7s plus multi-channel/home theater with a system that is approved by interior designers.

You are an audiophile and have every right to be skeptical. Your dealer has limited space without the means to display all of our products. So, your first step will be spending some time listening to the 3.7s at your dealer. If this is the sound you have dreamed of owning, but won't fit in your home, the next step is seeing and hearing how this can be duplicated with a free round-trip ticket to Magnepan. In some parts of the country, you can be back home on the same day.

Email us a 360 degree photo tour of your room along with your phone number. Our technical people have over 40 years of experience with Maggies and can determine if this system will equal the performance of 3.7s in your room. Then, in cooperation with your dealer, and if it is a good fit for your room, we'll pay for a free round trip ticket to visit Magnepan and see and hear for yourself. We are betting that the sound of our MMC 2 system will equal the sound of 3.7s at your dealer.


You need more bass? The DWM Bass Panel is also available for a 30-day home trial

Magneplanar Bass Panel

The world's best desk-top system can be heard in your home.

Mini Maggie System

Call Magnepan for details about our 30-day home trial on these models

There are some restrictions-- This mail-order/home-trial program is an offering by Magnepan and your USA dealer. All conditions of the home trial and sale are at the discretion of Magnepan. Magnepan and your dealer are incurring certain risks and expenses. Magnepan has the right to decline this offer.